Comprehensive Product Offerings

By their own admissions, few of our clients know enough about benefits design and implementation to feel confident that they have the very best solution. Like you, they’re doing more with less and they can’t do it all. With a product portfolio that includes group disability & life programs, stop-loss insurance, and dental plans, the Healthcare Organizations’ Benefits Trust offers participating employers unique benefits designs at a much lower cost.

Today, nearly 100 organizations representing over 300,000 participants take advantage of the proprietary products available through the Healthcare Organizations’ Benefits Trust.

Unique benefits designs at a much lower cost

Group disability & life programs
Group disability & life programs rarely get the attention they deserve, despite the fact that they have a huge direct and indirect impact on an employer’s bottom line performance. The right plans bring numerous advantages, yet all too often, disability & life programs are not thoroughly analyzed and are simply put out to bid through a traditional RFP.

Through the Trust, you now have access to fully insured group disability & life programs that offer the proprietary benefits provisions that were uniquely developed for healthcare organizations, all at pricing levels that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the market. Even better, the plans are underwritten by best-in-class insurance providers with a proven track record of performance.

Stop-loss insurance
Helping organizations effectively manage risk is one of our primary objectives. Whether it be for an employer considering self-funding their medical program for the first time, or for one that has been self-funded for years, stop-loss insurance requirements need to be fully analyzed. Further, with the complexities associated with stop-insurance arrangements and the significant costs associated, it’s important to have a partner that can bring the expertise necessary to evaluate contracts and provide lower cost solutions.

The Trust solution for stop-loss insurance provides deep industry expertise with a unique product offering, ensuring that you get the most for your money, both today and over the long term.

Many employers believe that there is little that can be done to improve the provisions of a dental benefits plan. Interestingly, we have helped dozens of employers improve the provisions of their benefits plans, while also helping them to reduce their costs. Our ability to deliver these outcomes are a direct result of our long history of helping over 100 clients enhance their dental benefits, while lowering costs.

Scale matters and the Healthcare Organizations' Benefits Trust has leveraged its participant base to offer unique benefits provisions, discounted pricing for insured and self-funded programs, and extended rate guarantees. With the Trust, you can access thought leadership that will make you think differently about your dental plan.

Do you understand the direct and indirect costs associated with absence on your organization?