Our Consistent Approach Enables our Clients to Meet their Strategic Objectives

In an environment where results can, at times, be hard to measure due to ongoing benefits cost pressures, changes in legislative requirements, and evolving business needs, we believe a consistent approach is paramount to enabling our clients to meet their strategic objectives.

Our approach offers the expertise, best practices, and discipline needed for a successful benefits strategy, and ensures that we are always positioned to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Each participating healthcare organization receives a results and recommendations report designed to clarify for the organization where there may be gaps within their individual benefits environment, help them to implement administrative best practices, and leverage our knowledge and scale to drive significant savings. The report details the plan design, the funding structure, and the underlying pricing.

Our history of success in delivering consulting solutions incorporates the following performance tenets:

Understanding clients’ goals and objectives
We consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ teams and make their priorities our own. Before beginning any project, we make sure we have a thorough understanding of their objectives and what they would like us to accomplish.

Deep subject matter expertise
The value provided by our Trust program is a result of our industry-leading consulting team. With an average of 25 years of industry experience, with much of that time spend working with hospitals, we understand the unique nature of your business environment and how best to deliver benefits plans.

Time sensitivity
We know most HR professionals are being asked to do more with fewer resources than ever before. We strive to make the information gathering process as quick and easy as possible, and have developed a process that is very effective at minimizing our clients’ time requirements, while maximizing results.

Proactive communication
We provide clients with frequent updates on the status of our projects. In addition, we conduct regular meetings and conference calls to ensure clients’ expectations are being met. Assuming proper access to data, we are able to generate results within 60 days of a project’s commencement.

Results oriented
We present each client with a results and recommendations report detailing the opportunities that were identified through our assessment process. In addition, we constantly monitor a plan’s performance to ensure our clients’ goals are being achieved on an ongoing basis and that we are continuing to meet their needs and, importantly, their expectations.