Understanding Healthcare

The Healthcare Organizations’ Benefits Trust was established exclusively for hospitals and healthcare related employers to maximize buying power, enhance the quality of benefits, and simplify and improve administration. For 30+ years, we have been providing benefits to nearly 100 hospitals and other healthcare related organizations, with over 300,000 insured participants nationwide who have entrusted their benefits to the Healthcare Organizations’ Benefits Trust.

Our Value

Scale and leverage provides best possible pricing
Through our 30 year track record of performance and significant volume of premium and participants, we have been able to negotiate financial arrangements that are best in the marketplace, both today and over the long term.

On average, Healthcare Organizations' Benefits Trust participants receive an annual premium savings of 25%, with extended rate guarantees. Importantly, our scale and expertise provides sustainable long-term cost savings.

Innovative plan features
The Healthcare Organizations’ Benefits Trust represents the special needs of hospitals and healthcare related organizations, and offers a number of proprietary plan features that are not available elsewhere in the marketplace. Examples include:

Disability & Life Plans

  • Higher maximum monthly LTD benefits (eg. $35,000)
  • Physician and RN recruitment benefit – This benefit pays 25% of a disabled nurse’s salary directly to the hospital when a physician and RN goes on disability
  • Physician and RN specialty definition – This benefit takes into account a Physician and RN’s specialty when defining disability

Stop-Loss Programs

  • Advanced renewal notifications – 120 days
  • No lasers at renewal
  • Extended rate guarantees

Dental Plans

  • Reduced administrative fees
  • Higher annual maximum benefits with enhanced benefits coverage
  • Extended rate guarantees

Simplified administration & service delivery model
We have developed an administrative delivery model that allows each participating organization to access a dedicated account executive who will coordinate all aspects of our ongoing service. Further, we offer integrated self billing across all plans, a 90-day lag period for premium payments, and the management of the annual 5500 reporting process. Simply put, our administrative model allows you to focus on the strategic aspects of your plans.

Access to subject matter expertise
Critical to the value of the Trust program is the technical consulting team that supports each and every engagement. With an average of 25 years of consulting experience in disability, life, and absence management and, more importantly, with a long track record of working in the healthcare space, we know more about these plans and the environments in which they exist than any of our competitors. Our team of technical consulting experts will enable you to finally bring a strategic approach to your disability and life programs that delivers bottom line value to your organization.

Opportunity Assessment Engagement

Our typical initial engagement with a client involves us conducting an opportunity assessment engagement on their group disability and life programs. Rather than simply bid for an organization’s business, we complete a full analysis of all aspects of your disability and life benefits plans – including design, claims experience, pricing, funding, and reserving – to ensure each client is presented with a plan that meets their individual needs. This analysis typically leads to an additional 10-15% premium savings beyond the initial 25%. Oftentimes we will also identify opportunities to bring our client’s benefit plans more in line with industry best practice, thus helping them achieve improved returns from their benefit plans.

The opportunity assessment process takes no more than 60 days and culminates with us presenting the client with a comprehensive report summarizing our findings, including cost reduction opportunities, plan design recommendations, and commentary on the administrative delivery of the programs. Importantly, it is completed at no cost and with absolutely no commitment to engage us on a going-forward basis. Get started today. Contact us for a free assessment.

Partnerships and Opportunities

The Healthcare Organizations’ Benefits Trust works with membership based healthcare organizations across the country, providing services to their members at the best possible pricing due to the sheer volume of our current client relationships.

  • If you are a hospital or healthcare organization, we are interested in talking with you about how we can bring value to your organization and your members.
  • Likewise, if you are a broker or consultant looking to provide a solution, we can work with you to bring the best combination of services to your clients as we do with brokers and consultants throughout the country.
Are you realizing the full value of your investment in your benefits programs?